Yenny Christine

Tripsycore Yoga



Yenny Christine is well-known for her flexibility, especially backbends. She was not born flexible but develops her own techniques through practicing and observing others. Apart from flexibility, she also loves inversions and arm balances. She is not only practicing asanas, she does tripsichore yoga that gives her smoothness in her vinyasa flows. She's been doing yoga since 2003 and teaching since 2006. She is often invited to teach workshops in Indonesia and other countries. She's also trusted to be a guest teacher in several yoga teacher trainings. She also performs in some yoga events. She owns Prana Yoga Studio in Bandung, which was founded in 2008. In Namaste Festival 2018, she will share her expertise in backbends in her classes "Backbend without Pain" and "High-tech Backbend Transitions". They might sound scary but, don't worry, her classes are very safe. All you have to do is just come with an empty glass.

Class Description

  1. Backbend without Pain (all-level)
  2. High-tech Backbend Transitions (intermediate to advance)