Tymi Howard

Vinyasa & Yin Yoga



TYMI HOWARD 500 E-RYT is an International Yoga Teacher, Certified Holistic Health Coach and Owner of Guruv Yoga Studios in the United States. Pioneering the Vinyasa Yoga movement in Central Florida and Mainland China, Tymi is dedicated to inspiring people to discover their life's purpose through the art of yoga. Her introduction to yoga began in NYC in 1993 as a professional ballet dancer with several nagging injuries and she found her way into an Ashtanga class. Receiving her BA in Theatre and Dance from Rollins College and Masters Degree from NYU/ Circle in the Square.

Tymi is known in the yoga community as a "Teacher of Teachers" and a skillful graceful practitioner. Students from around the world fall in love with her dynamic, playful style of teaching, artistic sequencing, and music! Self-proclaimed travel junky, blogger and animal rights advocate, she is a lover of God, Life, and Yoga. Forever a student, Tymi is grateful to all of her teachers, students, and family who continue to inspire! You can catch Tymi teaching and presenting at The Asia Yoga Conference, Bali Spirit Fest, Bhakti/Shakti Fest, Telluride Yoga Festival, Asheville Yoga Festival, Namaste Festival, Kriplau and on the regular teaching schedule at Guruv Yoga Studios and online classes at www.yogavibes.com

Class Description

  1. The Art of Falling
  2. Let\'s face it we are not afraid of nailing a balance whether it\'s on our hands or feet, we are afraid of what might happen if we don\'t! And well, isn\'t this true in life? Inevitably we all fall and thank goodness. The yogi that falls the most, learns the most. The knowledge and skill we learn propels us towards our potential and prepares us for greatness. It helps if we can make friends with our fear of falling, and with grace and new founded awareness rise up again. Be prepared to dance your edge, tap into your deep core, feel your power, and yes fall because this is the spice of life, and where we learn the most about ourselves. This challenging specialty class is for the yogi who desires more than what the standard yoga class offers. We will play with and learn some exercises and asana variations that will help build strength and awareness to safely and skillfully sustain (and fall) from crow (and transitions), headstands, handstand, forearm balances and more! / ALL LEVELS WELCOME.

  3. Unravel & Unwind : Myofascial Release
  4. Unravel and Unwind your entire body through the artistic fusion of Myofascial Release, Yin Yoga and Vinyasa Flow. Starting from our very connection to the Earth, our feet and working our way up the body systematically targeting the major joints and muscle groups. By opening those "stuck" areas of the body, you will experience new found spaciousness and freedom Expect a full body release, ending with a short yoga nidra.

  5. Super Soul Flow!
  6. Get ready to connect to your SUPER SOUL! A challenging yet approachable for all levels Vinyasa Flow based practice supported by one of Tymi's world renowned playlists. She will take you on a yoga adventure that will stoke the inner fires of your body, mind and SPIRIT! Be prepared to tap into your deep core power, abandon old fears, open your heart and free your mind to the unlimited potential of your Super Soul! Be prepared to surprise yourself and leave feeling completely empowered. Foundational standing asanas, Inversions (and modifications), Handstands (options/modifications), Backbends (and variations), a juicy floor sequence, final rest and short meditation. / ALL LEVELS WELCOME.

  7. Rock the Bhakti!
  8. One of Tymi\'s signature flow classes, Rock the Bhakti is a celebration of Love, Service and Devotion. A non dogmatic, Bhakti inspired vinyasa flow practice artfully sequenced to both contemporary and kirtan beats. You will open up to the very heart of your practice, as we learn how to intelligently and efficiently open the shoulders, chest and spine to experience the power of the Anahata (Heart) Chakra. As our hearts open they literally become "unstruck" and we are able to experience the flow of unconditional love. Not to leave out the lower body, we will also dive into quad, psoas, hamstring and hip releases. You will most definitely sweat, sing, laugh and when the spirit moves, dance! / ALL LEVELS WELCOME.