Tarian Jiwa Yoga



Martasya Yoga was founded in 2012 by Martin Elianto and Tasya Dante based in the city of Bogor. Martasya Yoga has developed its unique style of Vinyasa Flow inspired from Inside Flow Yoga called "Yoga Tarian Jiwa" . It is a musical based Vinyasa Flow to connect the mind, body and soul of the practitioners with the breath to prepare into the depth of Moving Meditation. The unique Spinal Movements in every Asana and Vinyasa Transitions will give the yummy spinal mobility practice and healthy for the back body. Martasya Yoga has given teacher training courses across Indonesia and Thailand, special classes in Vietnam, Malaysia and trusted by Master Young Ho Kim from Inside Yoga Academy Frankfurt Germany to spread the Inside Flow Yoga in the South East Asia region with Martasya Yoga Academy.

Class Description

Cross Core Hips Flow with Inside Flow Yoga - evolutionary vinyasa flow with the music to connect mind, body and the soul.