Jeanne Kono 

Mat Pilates



Jeanne Kono started her journey from ballet, modern jazz dance and aerobic sport. While teaching aerobic, she learned yoga from several teachers, such as Shiva Rea & David Swenson. She taught Ashtanga Yoga in Celebrity Fitness and also in one of the fitness center dedicated for women. She was introduced to Pilates when there was a workshop inviting Pilates teacher from Singapore. From that moment on, she started to practice Pilates and joined many workshops, while still teaching yoga. She took teacher training for matwork Pilates from Stott Pilates and found out that there are ways to do Pilates and not only on the mat, but also using equipment. After practicing Pilates with mat and equipment regularly, she felt the changes of her posture. Therefore, she decided to learn more about Pilates by joining Comprehensive Fletcher Pilates in Singapore for one year (from January to December 2008). Overtime, she feels that by practicing Pilates, she becomes more aware with her posture and feels that she can help people who have some problems with their posture due to their bad habit. She continues to deepen her Pilates by joining many workshops and stops teaching yoga and concentrates more to Pilates. Nowadays, she teaches Pilates in Tangerine Wellness.

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