Decky Karunia 

Hatha Yoga



Decky is a young and fresh yoga teacher, with only 7 years of experience in yoga, manages to establish himself as one of well known and well knowledge yoga practitioner in Indonesia. Decky was graduate from Yoga Mix, LearnYoga@GG and also Yogamaze teacher training and now designated as E-RYT 200 by Yoga Alliance. Currently teaches and develops programme at Power Swing Studio, Decky is also involved in Yoga Mix Teacher Training, lead by Slamet Riyanto, as one of the faculty. And start from 2017, begin to conduct his own yoga workshop, as a continual education programme to support new teachers. Some of his works are Transformational Teaching Course and Power Swing Yoga workshops and immersions. Decky teaches Hatha style with a preference to safety, alignment and full expression of poses given good foundation. Decky's vision is to help his students to get health benefits from Yoga practice, hence applies safe and care when teaching his classes.

Class Description

Bird Flow

Inspired by the graceful wing span of birds, it is a morning, energizing vinyasa class to stimulate flexibility, range of motion, focus and increase heart rate preparing us for a long hype, active and exciting day ahead.

Healthy Hip, Healthy Back

A series of postures, perform and practice to maintain flexibility, endurance and strength of hip and spinal joint. Suitable for gentle flow practice in the afternoon.