Christian Setiadarma

Vinyasa Yoga



Christian Setiadarma is a yoga teacher and yoga traveler who was born and living in Cirebon. He owns the First Yoga Studio in Cirebon. It is his passion for active body movement that led him to discover yoga as part of his journey to cure his back and spine problems. He completes his first yoga teacher training with Yogamix Jakarta and continues to deepen his knowledge with many well-known teachers from Indonesia and other countries. He attends many workshops in Jakarta and Bali to deepen his understanding about yoga. He also holds some special classes and workshops in the cities in West Java. His practice and style of teaching are inspired by Vinyasa, Power Vinyasa and Hatha Yoga. His mission through yoga is empowering people to discover their greater life purpose, to never give up easily and to find the happiness inside the body and minds.

Class Description

Journey to Vishvamitrasana!